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Having an excellently designed site is like an asset for a company. Because it is what reflects the company's position and credibilty. And today there are thousand of website design companies in this world. We won't be shocked if you say that your friend Harry living next to your door is also a web designer.

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We are the team of web designers, web developers, and search engine optimization consultants in India Delhi. We are one of the India's Premier Website Designing Company. We are offering professioanal Website Designing & Development in Delhi India. At Designing Studio you will find Professional and Quality Web Designers, we are positive that with the right website design planning, development, and marketing


We are into web designing, website hosting, E-Commerce and Multimedia Presentation

(1) What is a Web Site?
(2) What is the cost of a custom designed website?
(3) What is the advantages of having a website?
(4) Who will do the maintenance on our site after it is online?
(5) How do we make payment to you?
(6) Why pay a web developer when I can read a book and learn web designing?



Q1. What is a website?
A group of Web Pages that collectively represent a company, or individual on the World Wide Web. A group of web pages that have been developed together to present information on specific subjects is also a Web Site. A website is a collection of pages designed to present information over the World Wide Web. Web Sites are one of the most alternatives effective media for promotion. Every year, its estimated that the Internet and their users are doubling in growth.

Q2. What is the cost of a custom designed website?
The cost is completely dependent on what you want for your online projects. The more graphics, animation and pages that you require, the greater the time that is necessary to construct the site.

Q3. What is the advantages of having a website?
The Internet is a very affordable Media and it functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no labor costs to watch it. The Internet has the most inexpensive and widespread marketing capabilities ever seen - period! And a website offers your services to the Masses. Statistics show that the Internet is an excellent way to market your business and sell your products and services. More and more customers are logging on and making purchases, buying services and researching choices and information through the Internet.

As to your choice for website design, if a designer can't tell you why a website is a unique marketing tool as we have here, how successful will their website be? Are they helping you to develop a marketing mechanism or are they selling special effects? Is it an intelligent tool for driving business or an overpriced, turbo-charged business card? Make sure you choose a designer with marketing expertise, experience and skills - Designing Studio

Q4. Who will do the maintenance on our site after it is online?
We will build your site, so it is easily maintained. If you feel comfortable with HTML coding, then you can maintain it yourself if you choose. However if you'd prefer to have us take care of it for you, then we are happy to do so at a reasonable rate.

Note : If someone else built your site but you need help keeping it updated, please contact us for assistance.

Q5. How do we make payment to you?
For Work under $700
: We require 50% deposit in advance, balance due upon completion.
Over $700 : 1/3 in advance, 1/3 at the halfway point, balance on completion. You can make payment by via transfer or by check.

Q6. Why pay a web developer when I can read a book and learn web designing?
When your transmission fails in your car, you might try and save a few bucks fixing it yourself. But how much time will it take? And in the end, what is your time worth? Your time is better spent running your business. Creating a site that works requires skills of a programmer, graphic artist, and marketer. Unless you possess these skills already, don't waste time trying to learn something that could take you years to understand completely. Leave it up to the experts.

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